Time Management Tips

Sometimes we may not need more hours in the day, but rather more hours dedicated to completing our tasks. Below are a few ideas and if you have any others that work for you, talk about them with your colleagues!

Make a plan for your day:

● Prioritize your tasks after looking through your calendar.
Plan breaks where you can get out of your chair and move your body.

Use technology:

● Block time in your calendar to focus on specific tasks and use it!
● Set reminders in calendar appointments or Outlook Tasks and use the calendar appointment or task item to link notes, files, reminders, or other things you need to complete the task.
Set a “Do Not Disturb” status during focus hours to keep distractions limited. You may customize your message to let others know when you will be ready to respond.

Use apps:

Forest is an app that helps you stay focused and off your phone. The company partners with an organization called Trees for the Future to plant trees when you spend virtual coins earned in Forest.
StayFocused is a browser extension that prevents you from using time-wasting websites like Reddit, Twitter, Wikipedia, Instagram, and more. It’s highly configurable, so you can customize it to your specific distractions.
Freedom is a tool that can block both websites and apps on all of your devices, simultaneously. Take advantage of their free trial to know if it’s right for you.


● Make time for things that refresh your mind such as a exercise or meditation.
● Be realistic and flexible — things come up on a work day you can’t control!
● Separate work and your personal life by stepping away from a specific place you work and/or leaving the computer at work occasionally.