Employee Discounts and More

Most UW–Madison employees are familiar with the heavily discounted bus pass available through Transportation Services, but how familiar are you with lesser known benefits on campus? For example, keeping on the theme of transportation, do you know about the Red Bike rental program or the discounts available for Madison BCycle? Thanks to various campus units and partners, academic staff can save both money and time!

If you are committed to keeping active, you might consider a campus affiliate membership through Recreation & Wellbeing for access to the Bakke Recreation & Wellbeing Center, Nicholas Recreation Center, and Nielsen Tennis Stadium.

Keeping the mind equally nimble, thanks to a license negotiated by the UW–Madison Libraries, campus employees can register for their own accounts with The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal Online. While not all of the features found in a paid subscription are available, campus affiliates can access the latest news on their mobile devices.

Other resources offered by campus libraries include a Tool Library (why buy a bench vise or an engine code reader when you can borrow one for seven days?), a professional recording booth, audio-visual equipment (including webcam kits) and gaming consoles. You can even try out board games to see if you like them before making a purchase.

If all this activity is making you hungry, UW–Madison employees can receive a 5 percent discount when using their Wiscard account to purchase food at all University Housing and Wisconsin Union dining locations.

A previous version of this article listed car rental discounts that are no longer available. We also removed a link to an employee discounts page that we learned was out of date.