Much of the work done through shared governance is carried out by volunteers in the form of committees. Shared governance committees span a variety of interests, including communications, compensation, awards, diversity, student affairs, transportation, athletics, information technology, and many more.

Academic Staff Executive Committee (ASEC)

The primary function of ASEC is to act as the day-to-day administrative executive committee for the Academic Staff Assembly and for the academic staff at large.

Shared Governance Committees

Shared Governance Committees are campus-wide committees to address issues of common concern which are not the primary responsibility of one employment group.

Committees on Academic Staff Issues (CASIs)

The purpose of CASIs are to advise the dean or director on the formulation and review of all policies and procedures concerning academic staff members of the school, college or division, including personnel matters.

Interested in serving on a committee?

If you wish to be considered for current and future committee openings, please fill out the Committee Interest Survey. The survey provides a comprehensive list of all committees with links to more information, including committee charges and current committee membership. You may resubmit this survey at any time to update your committee interests. Indicating your interest via the survey is not binding.

If you have any questions about logging into or using the Committee Tracker, please contact the Secretary of the Academic Staff.