Policies and Procedures

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Academic Staff Policies & Procedures (ASPP)-version effective January 15, 2020*

*Updates to the most recent version include changes in Chapters 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9. The update to Chapter 3 adds the Office of Compliance as an office available for consultation in 3.04, updates “Academic Personnel Office” to “Office of Human Resources,” and includes procedures for copying the Secretary of the Academic Staff office in situations described in 3.08. Changes to Chapter 5 are largely similar to those in Chapter 3 in terms of references to OHR and the SOAS office. Chapter 6 adds the ability for a fixed-term or probationary appointee to request a review of a dismissal by the Board of Regents following the campus appeals process under Wisconsin State Statutes 36.115(4)(c). Chapter 7 sees changes from APO to OHR as described above, changes to pronouns for gender inclusivity, specification of content of grievance statements, and further procedural detail around appeal procedures for employees who have left UW-Madison, as well as consistency in grievance instructions as to who should be copied. Chapter 9 clarifies the role of the Appeals Committee as an impartial hearing board in according to Wis. Stat. 36.115(4)(b) to address an audit finding from the Legislative Audit Bureau.

Complete ASPP (PDF):

Academic Staff Policies and Procedures (ASPP)

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ASPP Table of Contents

ASPP Chapter 1 Coverage and Definitions

ASPP Chapter 2 Academic Staff Appointments

ASPP Chapter 3 Nonrenewal of Fixed-Term Renewable Appointments

ASPP Chapter 4 Nonretention of Employees Holding Probationary Appointments

ASPP Chapter 5 Layoff for Reasons of Budget or Program

ASPP Chapter 6 Discipline and Dismissal

ASPP Chapter 7 Employment Problems: Informal Resolution and Grievance Procedures

ASPP Chapter 8 Complaints Against Academic Staff Members

ASPP Chapter 9 Academic Staff Appeals Committee

ASPP Chapter 10 Performance Reviews

ASPP Chapter 11 The Personnel File

ASPP Chapter 12 Outside Activities and Conflicts of Interest

ASPP Chapter 13 University Academic Staff Assembly

ASPP Chapter 14 Committees of the University

ASPP Chapter 15 Academic Freedom


Other Policies Approved by the Academic Staff Assembly

Academic Staff Disability Accommodation Policy (revised 2/2013)

Annual Promotion Reviews (passed 4/2005)

Carry of Concealed Weapons Policy (passed 10/2011)

Distinguished Prefix Guidelines (revised 12/2011)

Hostile and Intimidating Behavior Legislation (passed 12/2014)

Misconduct in Scholarly Research (revised 2/2017)

Protected and Unprotected Expression in a Work-Related Setting (revised 12/2017)

School, College, and Division Committees on Academic Staff Issues (CASIs) (passed 1/1998)

Other Policies Relevant to Academic Staff

Board of Regents of UW System Administrative Code

Office of Human Resources Policies

Unclassified Policies and Procedures

Faculty Policies and Procedures