Mentor Match Program

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Mentor Match Program

The Mentoring Committee coordinates Mentor Match, a nine-month program to connect early-career academic staff members to the wider network of academic staff and the UW-Madison community.

Mentors and mentees are matched in early fall of each year. Academic staff members should watch for an e-mail invitation to participate and a signup link on this webpage. In some cases, matches can be made throughout the year. Please contact the committee chair for more information.

Annual Program Timeline

  • August/September: All academic staff receive an email invitation to participate in the program as a mentor or mentee
  • Early October: Mentor matches notified
  • Late October: Kickoff event
  • Winter and Spring: Seminars (optional, open to all Academic Staff)
  • April/May: Wrap-up event
  • May: Program evaluation

In addition, matches coordinate meetings on their own. The anticipated time commitment is approximately 1-2 hours per month.

Become a Mentor

Mentors are always needed! Matches are made based on the mentor’s and mentee’s shared goals, experience and interests. The Mentoring Committee provides mentors with resources to support your service.

People who make good mentors have three or more years of experience at UW-Madison, spot the potential in others, are resourceful guides, display patience and tolerance, give encouragement and see the big picture in situations.

Previous mentors in the program have said:

“I think this program is a good way to meet people across campus who are working in similar disciplines while also providing an opportunity to help others ease into roles with which they may not be familiar.” – 2018-2019 Mentor

“I learn as much from my mentee as they do from me! It’s a great way to connect with another colleague on campus.” – 2018-2019 Mentor

“The program is a great opportunity to build networks for both mentor and mentee.” – 2019-2020 Mentor

Request a Mentor

UW-Madison academic staff members with one year of employment at UW-Madison are eligible to request a mentor.

Successful mentoring relationships start with mentees who are goal oriented, seek challenges, take initiative, show eagerness to learn and take personal responsibility. Mentees drive the relationship with their mentor, therefore you should have a clear sense of what you hope to accomplish through the Mentor Match program. Matches are made based on the mentor and mentees shared goals, experience and interests.

Previous mentees in the program have said:

“Connecting with someone who understands the operations of higher education but is removed from your day to day work can very valuable in helping you see a new perspective on situations or introduce you to unknown resources.” – 2019-2020 Mentee

“I was matched with a group of academic staff and one mentor which was really nice — having a small group expanded my network and helped us share knowledge and experiences.” – 2019-2020 Mentee

“My mentor helped me identify opportunities on campus for career development and places to learn more about campus organization/structure. Our meetings also motivated me to think more about my career direction and articulate my goals more clearly.” – 2019-2020 Mentee

Other UW-Madison Mentoring Resources

While Mentor Match serves academic staff only, several units on campus offer mentoring programs to faculty, staff and students, including:

This list is not all inclusive. Please contact us to have your mentoring program listed on this website.

Additionally, all UW-Madison employees are welcome to join the committee’s LinkedIn group to read relevant articles and participate in timely discussions about mentoring.

Please contact the committee chair/co-chairs for more information.