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The work of our world class university draws upon the rich tradition of service carried forward by our academic staff, university staff, faculty and students. Each year the Chancellor sends out a letter encouraging the participation of academic staff on both the elected and appointed committees related to shared governance.

Serving on a committee is a great way to meet others on campus and to make a vital contribution to the vibrancy of our university community. This section of the website will help you understand the work of various committees so that you can identify one or more that fits your interests and available time.

Ways to engage & participate

Academic staff governance takes the form of decision making bodies organized by and for academic staff. There are several types of committees in which you can participate, with a range in focus and commitment involved.

Ad Hoc Committees

  • Committees convened to look at one particular issue in depth for a limited period of time
  • Can be for academic staff issues or issues across governance groups
  • Look for e-mails announcing opportunities to participate

Search and Screen Committees

  • Committees convened to consider candidates for university leadership positions
  • Reviews and deliberates on applications and determines lists of finalists
  • Look for e-mails announcing opportunities to participate

Academic Staff Assembly Representative/Alternate

  • Represent an academic staff district in the Academic Staff Assembly
  • Formulate and advise on policies for academic staff at the University level
  • Engage with University leadership and be informed
  • Look for a call for representatives in spring for half of the Assembly districts each year, or watch Assembly agenda e-mails for openings

Standing Committees of the Academic Staff Assembly

  • Seven committees that focus on specific issues of ongoing importance
  • Slate of candidates prepared by the Nominating Committee during the fall
  • Elected by the Academic Staff Assembly Representatives and ASEC members in the spring

Academic Staff Executive Committee

  • Empowered to carry out the day-to-day business of the Assembly
  • Meet regularly with university leaders to advocate for academic staff and discuss issues of importance to academic staff at large
  • Elected by academic staff across the University

Shared Governance Committees

  • Formulate and advise on policies at the University level on specific issues
  • Work across governance groups with faculty, university staff, and students
  • Academic staff representatives typically appointed by the Academic Staff Executive Committee in spring or as vacancies occur
  • Depending on the committee, longer turnover due to term length and backlog of candidates expressing interest

Committees on Academic Staff Issues (CASI)

  • Found in most schools, colleges, and divisions
  • Formulate and advise on policies at the school, college, division level
  • For legislation that formed CASIs and for a list of CASI webpages, check out our CASI page.

Interested in serving on a committee?

If you wish to be considered for current and future committee openings, please fill out the Committee Interest Survey. The survey provides a comprehensive list of all committees with links to more information, including committee charges and current committee membership. You may resubmit this survey at any time to update your committee interests. Indicating your interest via the survey is not binding.


If you have any questions about logging into or using the Committee Tracker, please contact the Secretary of the Academic Staff.