Academic Staff

Academic staff are respected professionals who hold positions in virtually every unit on campus. These positions are either unique to higher education and/or provide direct support for academic programming and/or develop and implement policies at UW-Madison. The academic staff contribute daily to the quality and reputation of a University recognized and respected around the world.

Contributions to the University


30% of course sections offered on campus were taught by academic staff from Fall 2020.


Over $197 million (12%) in grants awarded to academic staff Principal Investigators in 2020-21.

Over $360 million (22%) awarded in grants to academic staff Principal Investigators, co-Principal Investigators, or co-Investigators in 2020-21.


Academic staff play an important part in the Wisconsin Idea, leading much of the outreach on campus. Several leading outreach efforts, including the Community Partnerships & Outreach network and the Science Alliance, are led by academic staff.

Student Services

Academic staff play a key role in every part of a student’s career, including but not limited to admissions, teaching, advising, library services, registrar’s office, bursar’s office, financial aid, student life, diversity programs, etc.

Part of a Storied Tradition

The University of Wisconsin has a proud tradition of shared governance. Since 1848, faculty and students have worked hand-in-hand to shape and implement the administrative policy that guides the academic experience. What has emerged and continues to evolve is a partnership that uniquely defines our institutional mission as a land-grant university with service to the public and the needs of the state.

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