What is the Office of the Secretary of the Academic Staff?

The Secretary of the Academic Staff (SOAS) supports academic staff governance activities and staffs the Academic Staff Executive Committee and the Academic Staff Assembly. The SOAS office administratively supports all aspects of academic staff governance, and in addition, coordinates the annual “University Roundtable” lunch series. Please contact SOAS with questions regarding the many programs supported by academic staff governance, including professional development and executive education grants, as well as academic staff excellence awards.

Academic staff are respected professionals who hold positions in virtually every unit on campus. These positions are either unique to higher education and/or provide direct support for academic programming and/or develop and implement policies at UW-Madison. The academic staff contribute daily to the quality and reputation of a University recognized and respected around the world.

Part of a storied tradition

The University of Wisconsin has a proud tradition of shared governance. Since 1848, faculty and students have worked hand-in-hand to shape and implement the administrative policy that guides the academic experience. What has emerged and continues to evolve is a partnership that uniquely defines our institutional mission as a land-grant university with service to the public and the needs of the state.

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