UW-Madison Academic Staff Excellence Awards

Ten prestigious awards in eight categories will be awarded this year to UW-Madison academic staff members. The awards are presented at a ceremony in the spring and all awardees receive a plaque and monetary stipend.

Academic Staff Excellence Awards History 1991-2023

2023-2024 Excellence Awards

AS Call for Nominations

Award Descriptions and Nomination Guidelines –  Submission deadline: Monday, January 29, 2024

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The Awards

Chancellor’s Hilldale Award for Excellence in Teaching

WISCIENCE Lillian Tong Teaching Award
(academic staff members will be eligible for this in even-numbered fiscal years, and faculty members will be eligible in odd-numbered fiscal years)

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Service to the University

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research – Independent Investigator

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research – Critical Research Support

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Leadership – Individual Unit Level

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Leadership – School, College, or Larger University Level

Robert and Carroll Heideman Award for Excellence in Public Service and Outreach

Martha Casey Award for Dedication to Excellence

Ann Wallace Career Achievement Award

Oral History Project

Since 2016, the Oral History Program has interviewed Excellence Award winners, documenting their backgrounds and experiences working at UW-Madison. Learn more about the project and access the interviews here: https://www.library.wisc.edu/archives/exhibits/academic-staff-award-winners-oral-history-project/

Have Questions?

If you have questions about the Excellence Awards or encounter problems submitting your nomination, please contact the Secretary of the Academic Staff Office at pdrc@soas.wisc.edu or 263-1011.