Spring 2018: Nature’s Whimsy: The Cartoons of Bill Feeny

Nature’s Whimsy: The Cartoons of Bill Feeny

Artist’s Statement

After decades as a production artist and illustrator, I decided to indulge myself in a loose cartoon style. These are just a few examples from over a year of trying to do a cartoon each day, which is something several people I know have done. Here are a few random samples from what I played with.


I was born 1956 in Connecticut. My father was faculty at Famous Artists School. In the summer of 1969, the family moved to Madison where my father had taken a job in the Commercial Art Program at MATC. Since 1976 I’ve been an illustrator/cartoonist. I worked in a publishing house called AR Editions for 8 years until I managed to land the position in Zoology as house artist. I have worked on too many projects to list. Some were a series of weird calendars called “The Decline and Fall Calendar of Significant Events,” which ran until the internet took over how people get their information. I’ve worked on dozens of books over the years and produced dozens of record albums (Remember albums? They are back.), plus promo artwork for all kinds of events ever since 1976. I am willing to do pro bono work for what I consider to be a worthy cause.