Spring 2014: Artwork of Linda Endlich

This semester’s featured artist: Linda Endlich. Currently a graphic designer for MERIT [Media, Education Resources & Information Technology] within the School of Education, Linda has worked with countless clients from across campus creating everything from traditional print projects, custom illustrations, online courses to supporting visual & instructional design on websites. She is also an art alumna of the UW with a focus on oil painting, portraiture and drawing. Her current work explores digital photography and image manipulation.

On display is a series of photographs and photographic montages. The photographs serve as inspiration for the montages. Each montage is comprised of 2-4 indivEntry In Blueidual photographs which are layered, duplicated and processed through special effects. The process is one of pure experimentation. Lastly, the final details are tweaked and blended then merged into a final photographic image. The process is like traditional painting in the sense that there is an under painting (the initial photo) built upon layer by layer (additional photos), working dark into the light—except the brush strokes are virtual textures & patterns created by a pen stylus via a drawing tablet—until a final montage emerges.

There is also an additional participatory element to the exhibit called “Phonements.” These images are from cell phones and challenge everyone to be an artist and discover their own moments every day. Art is a matteBolognaBiker of perspective and we can all train ourselves to be more aware of the extraordinary in the ordinary. Each of us has it within us to find an inner artist and our cell phones make capturing those spontaneous moments so simple. So take your phone for a walk but while you do, think about what is around you, how can you frame it uniquely, what makes it intriguing and then capture the moment. Print a 4 x 6 photo/s and add them to the collection box at the exhibit. If you want to share your name, those names will be incorporated into a final art piece with all the images gathered. If you prefer not to leave your information, simply drop off the photo/s and they will still become a part of the ongoing rotating set of images. New images will not only refresh the collage but also post to an ongoing blog. The more images contributed, the more exciting the final artwork will become so consider submitting your “Phonement” through July.

More information on the artist:

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