Fall 2019: Academic Staff Art Gallery Features Work of Felipe Gacharna

Flow: The Art of Felipe and Carlos Eduardo Gacharná

Artists’ Statement

Artists and scientists share similar positions on the edge of human understanding. While scientists aim to enlighten by deciphering quantitative data, artists delve into the ephemera of the human conscience in the hopes of inspiring others. But what if enlightenment and inspiration share more than it appears?”

Colombian-born brothers and UW alumni Felipe and Carlos Eduardo Gacharná explore this very question with their new photography series, Flow. With the use of high powered black lights and special fluorescent dyes, they aim to capture the material nature of energy itself. That eternal, ever-changing force that controls and composes the universe might have something to teach us about the fundamental human experience. What if society learned to embrace change and transformation, even in times of loss? Flow poses the hypothesis that if we accept the transient nature of life, like energy itself, we might be better able to appreciate the beauty of a single moment. We hope you enjoy these works as opportunities for quiet reflection – on the universe, and yourselves.


Felipe Gacharná is a web developer with Communications and Advancement in the School of Education at UW-Madison. Carlos Eduardo Gacharná is an artist and educator living in Long Beach, California.