Fall 2018: On the Way: The Art of Mary Treleven

On the Way: The Art of Mary Treleven

Artist’s Statement

“On the Way” is a collection of paintings of scenes that caught my attention while on my walk to work, on a bicycle ride or on the highway. I play with colorful patterned shapes balanced together by thick dark lines.

This is my first show. I am thankful for the opportunity that the Office of the Secretary of the Academic Staff provides for Academic Staff artists.


I am the graduate academic program coordinator for the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics. My art education consisted of frequent stops into galleries and street markets between work appointments while working internationally. First, in Cali, Colombia in 1991, I admired how artists created scenes from their daily lives from textiles. In 1992, I took a position that required international travel 4-5 months a year and lived out of a suitcase for 4 years. I discovered how artists like Botero, Kahlo, Rivera, and Nara created art to reflect their worlds. After moving to Madison in 2002, I picked up a paint brush to reflect mine.

Several of my paintings can be seen in the Madison area bicycle store, Fitchburg Cycles and the Fitchburg Chamber Visitor Business Bureau. I have been commissioned by businesses, individuals and nonprofits and continue to take commissions.