Fall 2012: Artwork of Jim Maynard

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This exhibit was photographed by Jim Maynard of the UW Madison Department of Chemistry.

Many of these photos were taken courtesy of the UW Madison Department of Chemistry Xray Crystallography lab. These photomicrographs were taken at magnifications varying from about 30 times normal to 50 times normal size. In many photos, a single crystal of material was introduced to a single drop of solution on a slide, and the subsequent reaction was recorded. A bright hot lamp was used to light the system, and to evaporate much of the water in the drop, causing the products of the reaction to crystallize into the interesting and beautiful shapes seen in these images. This activity is introduced in an article from the Journal of Chemical Education written by R. Ramette, J.W. Moore, and J.H. Maynard.

Maynard Art