Examples of the type of person deserving of the Martha Casey Award

by chatmandesign

The person in the Human Resources Office who asks why you want to hire someone and then helps you understand how to write the PVL to fit the rules.

The person attending to the details of course scheduling in the Timetable Office who also appreciates why faculty want to have “meets with” courses.

The person in the UW-Madison Budget Office who assures that thousands of individual salaries add up to the university’s allocated budget, and catches not only arithmetical errors, but also “logical” errors affecting how staff are budgeted. If not caught, these errors can cause problems for the units, or even individuals, during the coming year, or even future years.

The analyst for the UW-Madison’s Women Salary Equity review who checks and rechecks to assure that every women faculty member that should be considered for an adjustment is (going beyond one year’s university records to do so), and that university guidelines have been followed in the reviews.

The Assistant Registrar who has extensive documentation on why some majors that may seem redundant are carried on the UW-Madison Majors List, and helps you understand what happens if they are abolished. It can be done, but will require more than the one obvious administrative change.

The person in the student financial aids office who keeps track of the myriad of ever-changing federal regulations and “condenses” these to a message that makes sense to students, their parents and the wider university community. When I call about how Rotary should structure its scholarship requirements, he understands the overall goals of our scholarships, and makes good suggestions.