Indefinite Appointments

by chatmandesign

“Indefinite Appointment” is an academic staff appointment with permanent status and for an unlimited term. The rights conferred by an indefinite appointment are limited to the operational area in which the appointment is made.  Indefinite appointments are neither limited to nor specific to any academic staff position or title series.

Area Review Committee: The appropriate area review committee to review employees for an indefinite appointment normally is identified by joint agreement of the employee and employer and shall be the committee appropriate to the area of employment. When an agreement cannot be reached, the Academic Staff Executive Committee, in consultation with the dean or director and the Academic Personnel Office, shall specify the appropriate area review committee.

Action by the Area Review Committee: Each area review committee shall convene to review nominations for indefinite appointment status within its respective area. The committee shall seek any additional information or expertise it needs to reach a decision.  All members of each committee have the right to vote on all candidates. The recommendation of the area review committee is advisory to the dean or director.

The current composition of the Area Review Committees can be found here.

Guidelines for Proposing Academic Staff Members for an Indefinite Appointment

Administrative/Student Services/Library (Last Updated 2017)

Biological/Medical Sciences (Last Updated 2015)

Humanities/Social Sciences (Last Updated 2018)

Physical Sciences/Engineering (Last Updated 2012)