Distinguished Prefix

by chatmandesign

Distinguished Prefix is defined as follows:

A Professional, Instructional or Research academic staff member at the distinguished level performs at a level of proficiency typically requiring extensive experience and advanced knowledge and skills. The expertise of an academic staff member at this level is commonly recognized by his or her peers and through a reputation that extends beyond new approaches, methods or techniques to resolve or prevent problems with little or no expert guidance and to cope independently with new, unexpected or complex situations. At this level, an academic staff member can be expected to guide or train other academic staff or to oversee their work. Currently, only Category A academic staff in the Professional title series and selected Category B academic staff in the Instructional and Research title series are eligible for the Distinguished Prefix (see Distinguished Prefix Review Committee Policies and Procedures Definition).

For consideration in the fall, applications must be submitted to the Office of the Secretary of the Academic Staff by August 1 (exception for Fall 2020, deadline is September 4, 2020). For consideration in the spring, they must be submitted by February 1. If either of these dates fall on a weekend, then applications must be submitted by the immediately following Monday.

The current composition of the Distinguished Prefix Review Committee can be found here.