Personnel Policies and Procedures Committee (PPPC)

by chatmandesign


The PPPC is a standing committee of the UW-Madison Academic Staff Assembly and is charged with the continuing review of all policies and procedures relating to UW-Madison academic staff personnel practices. The PPPC is responsible for revising and updating Academic Staff Policies and Procedures (ASPP) and advises the Assembly and the Academic Staff Executive Committee on personnel issues. In addition, the PPPC monitors job security trends and investigates questionable employment procedures. The committee also produces documents informing academic staff about methods for promotion and for obtaining increased job security.

PPPC Operating Policies and Procedures

Contact any committee member if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.

Agendas and Minutes can be found here.


Nine members elected by the Assembly. Three are elected each year to serve three-year terms. There are no term limits.

Current Committee Members

Deb Brauer through 6/30/2019

Caitlin Cleary – through 6/30/2019

Pam Garcia-Rivera (Co-Chair) – through 6/30/2021

Anita Herrick – through 6/30/2021

Anna Lewis – through 6/30/2019

Carlos Lozano – through 6/30/2020

Dorothea Salo (Co-Chair) – through 6/30/2020

Jonathan Thom – through 6/30/2021

Jim Franzone- through 6/30/2021