Communications Committee

by chatmandesign


The Communications Committee works with other campus units, entities, and organizations to coordinate communication relevant to academic staff for both internal and external audiences. They set and implement strategies based on vision cast by the Academic Staff Executive Committee, with input from academic staff reps and others. Strategies include content on major issues, web, print, email, video, and public relations.

Contact any committee member if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.

Agendas and Minutes can be found here.


Nine members elected by the Assembly to serve three-year terms. One-third are elected each year. There are no term limits.

Current Committee Members

Linda Endlich – through 6/30/2021

Megan Flowers – through 6/30/2022

Felipe Gacharna – through 6/30/2022

Kyle Henderson – through 6/30/2020

Robyn Perrin – through 6/30/2020

Howard Veregin- through 6/30/2021

Ashley Voss (Co-Chair) – through 6/30/2021

Lori Wilson (Co-Chair) through 6/30/2020