Distinguished Prefix Review Committee

by chatmandesign


The Distinguished Prefix Review Committee is charged with reviewing requests for distinguished prefix. A Professional, Instructional or Research academic staff member at the distinguished level performs at a level of proficiency typically requiring extensive experience and advanced knowledge and skills. The expertise of an academic staff member at this level is commonly recognized by his or her peers and through a reputation that extends beyond new approaches, methods or techniques to resolve or prevent problems with little or no expert guidance and to cope independently with new, unexpected or complex situations. The recommendation of the committee is advisory to the dean or director.

More information about the distinguished prefix can be found here.


The Distinguished Prefix Review Committee shall consist of 12 members who have either served on an Area Review Committee for indefinite status or have been granted the Distinguished Prefix. The committee shall be appointed by the chancellor or designee upon recommendations made by the Academic Staff Executive Committee with the advice of the Nominating Committee.

Each term shall be for three years. Appointments to complete the terms of members who resign shall be made by the chancellor or designee upon recommendation of the Academic Staff Executive Committee.

Current Committee Members

Larry Ashmun – larry.ashmun@wisc.edu through 6/30/2021

Mary Ann Croft (Co-Chair) macroft@wisc.edu through 6/30/2021

Daniel Den Hartog – djdenhar@wisc.edu through 6/30/2023

James Drews – james.drews@wisc.edu through 6/30/2022

Tim Gattenby – gattenby@education.wisc.edu through 6/30/2023

Jamie Henke – jhenke@dcs.wisc.edu through 6/30/2023

Allen Huang – allenh@ssec.wisc.edu through 6/30/2022

Joy Kirkpatrick – joy.kirkpatrick@wisc.edu through 6/30/2021

Mark Matosian – mmatosian@bus.wisc.edu through 6/30/2022

Dianna Murphy (Co-Chair)diannamurphy@wisc.edu through 6/30/2023

Andrea Strayer – strayer@neurosurgery.wisc.edu through 6/30/2022

Eric White – ejwhite1@wisc.edu through 6/30/2021