Area Review Committees

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The Area Review Committees are charged with reviewing requests for an indefinite appointment  status within its respective area. The committee shall seek any additional information or expertise it needs to reach a decision.  All members of each committee have the right to vote on all candidates. The recommendation of the area review committee is advisory to the dean or director.

More information about indefinite appointment status can be found here.


Each committee shall consist of nine members. Insofar as possible, each committee shall consist of academic staff members having indefinite status and whose employment-related activities represent the diversity of academic staff.

The members of the Administrative/Student Services/Library Area Review Committee shall include at least two from separate administrative areas, two from separate student services areas and two from separate library areas. The other three committees shall have academic staff members appointed to reflect the instructional, doctoral, and other backgrounds appropriate to academic staff within the area of review.

The committee members shall be appointed by the chancellor or designee in consultation with the Academic Staff Executive Committee. Members will serve three-year terms with one-third of the committee appointed annually; members may be reappointed.


Administrative/Student Services/Library Area Review Committee

Current Committee Members

Philip Dunigan (Chair) –

Eliot Finkelstein –

William Heiss –

Dianna Murphy –

Greg Putnam –

Tom Tabone –

Tom Tews –

Cynthia Williams –

Dianna Xu –

Biological/Medical Sciences Area Review Committee

Current Committee Members

Ruthanne Chun –

Melgardt De Villiers –

John Dopp –

Mary Hayney –

Paul Hutson (Chair) –

Susan Schaefer –

Christopher Snyder –

Rebecca Stepien –

Orly Vardeny –

Humanities/Social Sciences Area Review Committee

Current Committee Members

Erlin Barnard –

Michael Cullinane –

Ritt Deitz –

Christine DeSmet –

Martha Gibson (Chair) –

Patricia Hastings –

Andrew Irving –

Ronald Kuka –

Debra Pierce –

Physical Sciences/Engineering Area Review Committee

Current Committee Members

Brian Beard (Chair) –

Peter Crump –

Tracy Drier –

Charles Fry –

Ilia Guzei –

Michelle Harris –

Allen Huang –

Brian Jicha –

Milo Westler –