Appeals Committee

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The Appeals Committee reviews or hears all appeals of nonrenewals, layoffs, discipline and dismissals and grievances not resolved at a lower level.  It forwards a finding of fact in each case with a recommendation to the Provost.

More information about the appeals process can be found here.


The Academic Staff Appeals Committee shall consist of 12 members of the academic staff. The committee is appointed by the chancellor or designee upon the recommendations made by the Academic Staff Executive Committee. Members will serve three-year terms, with one-third of the Committee appointed annually. Terms are staggered. Committee members may be reappointed. The committee shall elect its chair annually from among its members.

Current Committee Members

Hanna Blazel – through 6/30/2021

Steven Boldt – through 6/30/2019

Mary Condon – through 6/30/2020

Julie Ganser – through 6/30/2019

Barbara Gerloff (Co-Chair) – through 6/30/2019

Karen Koethe – through 6/30/2020

Meredith Luschen (Co-Chair) – through 6/30/2020

Suzanne Ponik – through 6/30/2021

Kate Ryan – through 6/30/2019

Chris Schappel – through 6/30/2021

Melissa Smiley – through 6/30/2020

Sheila Stoeckel – through 6/30/2021