Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is charged with nominating members of the academic staff for election to the Academic Staff Executive Committee and for election or appointment to appropriate UW-Madison committees. The Nominating Committee will make recommendations to the ASEC when asked to recommend academic staff for university committee assignments. The ASEC will choose from the list submitted by the Nominating Committee and will notify the Chair of the Nominating Committee of the appointment by sending a copy of the letter being sent to the appointing body. Responsibilities in the ASEC election process are outlined in 14.12.A.7. The Nominating Committee shall respond to appointment requests in the most timely fashion possible within the time frame set by the appointing authority’s request.


The Nominating Committee typically meets on an as-needed basis during the academic year.

Nominating Committee Agendas and Minutes

There are no upcoming events.


Nine members elected by the Academic Staff Assembly to serve three-year terms. One third are elected each year. Membership is limited to two consecutive full terms. If there are no academic staff willing to serve in the departing member’s place, the member may serve an additional term. Eligibility for election is reinstated one year after a member vacates their seat on the committee. Contact any committee member if you have questions, comments, or suggestions. For more detailed membership information, click here.