2019 Academic Staff Election Results

Thanks to all of the academic staff who ran for various committees this year. Here are the results of this year’s election. Terms are for three years (7/1/19 – 6/30/22) unless otherwise indicated.

Academic Staff Executive Committee

Jenny Dahlberg

Tim Dalby (1-year term)

Stephanie Elkins

Bill Tishler

Communications Committee

Megan Flowers

Felipe Gacharna

Lindsay Lemmer

Compensation and Economic Benefits Committee

Corryn Cue

Alyson Kim

Dagna Sheerar

Districting and Representation Committee

Eileen Ewing

Dave Toland

Mentoring Committee

Christy Lowney

Erin Paul-Schuetter

Jessica Swenson

Nominating Committee

Arturo Diaz

Karyn Matchey

Alissa Oleck

Personnel Policies and Procedures Committee

Jennifer Hadley

Jason Jankoski

Anna Lewis

Professional Development and Recognition Committee

Nick Ewoldt

Martha Reck

Bonnie Shucha

Christopher Yue