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Academic Staff are Partners in Teaching, Research and Service

Academic staff are respected professionals who hold positions in virtually every unit on campus. These positions are either unique to higher education and/or provide direct support for academic programming and/or develop and implement policies at UW-Madison. The academic staff contribute daily to the quality and reputation of a University recognized and respected around the world.  The Secretary of the Academic Staff Office prepares an annual Academic Staff Fact Sheet available here.


Academic Staff are:

  • on the leading edge of scientific advancement that affects the quality of life of people in Wisconsin and around the world… as researchers, scientists, physicians, laboratory managers, principal investigators and unit directors involved directly in and in charge of scientific research important to the State of Wisconsin and important around the world.
  • directly and indirectly responsible for the overall quality of education received by undergraduate and graduate students at the UW-Madison… as student advisors, counselors, deans, career planning and placement specialists, admissions personnel, outreach and continuing education specialists, clinical professors, computer experts, residence hall managers, instrumentation innovators, instructors, program managers, lecturers faculty associates, archivists, curators, librarians and artists.
  • involved with student care and instruction as…clinical nurses, dietitians, social workers, audiologists, genetic counselors, optometrists, speech pathologists, psychologists, pharmacists, and rehabilitation specialists.
  • contributors of essential academic and research operations and quality of life services at the University as… administrative specialists, policy and planning analysts, attorneys, budget officers, controllers, cartographers, geologists, medical illustrators, engineers, consultants, and directors of computing, affirmative action, personnel, athletics, theater, business services, media development, protective services, telecommunications and publications.

What is the Secretary of the Academic Staff Office (SOAS)?

The Secretary of the Academic Staff (SOAS) supports academic staff governance activities and staffs the Academic Staff Executive Committee and the Academic Staff Assembly. The SOAS office administratively supports all aspects of academic staff governance, and in addition, coordinates the annual “University Roundtable” lunch series. Please contact SOAS with questions regarding the many programs supported by academic staff governance, including professional development grants, academic staff excellence awards and executive education grants.