Academic Staff Governance Timeline


Year WI Governor University of Wisconsin (Wis Stats Chapter 36) Wisconsin State Universities (Wis Stats Chapter 37) Significant Milestones
1848 Nelson Dewey (D) University of Wisconsin created by the state constitution and state law
1849 Land-grant university established at Madison
1857 Coles Bashford (R) “Wisconsin State Universities” created (Board of Regents of Normal Schools)
1866 Lucius Fairchld (R) Platteville
1893 George W. Peck (D) Stout (established as private institution)
1911 Frances E. McGovern (R) Stout becomes state institution with own Board of Trustees
1916 Emanuel L. Philipp (R) Eau Claire
1927 John J. Blaine (R) Renamed State Teachers Colleges and granted authority to grant baccalaureate degrees
1951 Walter J. Kohler Jr. (R) Added liberal arts; designated Wisconsin State Colleges
1955 Stout designated as part of Wisconsin State Colleges
1956 UW-Milwaukee-merged
1964 John W. Reynolds (D) Wisconsin State Colleges with four freshman-sophomore branch campuses designated as Wisconsin State Universities
1968 Warren P. Knowles (R) UW-Green Bay UW-Parkside Ten freshman-sophomore centers (colleges) statewide extension


Year WI Governor UW System President UW Madison Chancellor Significant Milestones
1971 Patrick J. Lucey (D) John C. Weaver H. Edwin Young University of Wisconsin (total enrollment 69,554) and Wisconsin State Universities (total enrollment 64,148) merged and designated as University of Wisconsin System (approved by one vote margin in senate)
1974 Chapter 36 Wis Stats created; provided governance rights granted for faculty 36.09(4) and students 36.09(5)
1975 UW System (UWS) rules approved by the Board of Regents
UW Madison Academic Staff Advisory Committee created
Madison Academic Staff Association (MASA) formed (academic staff’s eyes and ears)
1977 Martin J. Schreiber (D) H. Edwin Young Irving Shane
1979 Lee S. Dreyfus (R)
1980 Robert M. O’Neil
1983 Anthony S. Earl (D)
1984 UW System conducts a Review of Academic Staff
1985 Katharine C. Lyall (acting) Wis Stats 36.09(4m) academic staff governance rights. The academic staff members of each institution, subject to the responsibilities and powers of the board, the president and the chancellor and faculty of the institution, shall be active participants in the immediate governance of and policy development for the institution. The academic staff members have primary responsibility for the formulation and review, and shall be represented in the development of all policies and procedures concerning academic staff members, including academic staff personnel matters. The academic staff of each institution shall have the right to organize themselves in a manner they determine, and to select their representative to participate in institutional governance.


Year WI Governor UW System President UW Madison Chancellor Significant Milestones
1986 Kenneth A. Shaw 1986-7 Hayes Hill study on titles and salary implemented
1987 Tommy G. Thompson (R) Bernard C. Cohen (acting) Articles of Organization ratified by academic staff created Academic Staff Executive Committee (ASEC) Compensation and Economic Benefits Committee Personnel Policies and Procedures Committee Nominating Committee
1988 Donna E. Shalala MASA – A Seminal Point of View of the University (1) The need for a high quality undergraduate program (2) The need to address cultural pluralism (3) The need for comprehensive planning (4) The need for participatory or shared management and efficient personnel policies (5) the need for issue-oriented approaches (6) The need for comprehensive evaluation and assessment procedures (7) the need for community outreach and recognition of “education as a continuum” (8) The need for legislative liaison (9) the need for planned compensation patterns tied to the University as a resource (10) The maintenance of a sense of identity
1989 Academic Staff Professionals Representation Organization (ASPRO)
1991 Katharine C. Lyall (acting)
1992 Katharine C. Lyall
1993 David Ward Memorandum of Agreement – An agreement between the University of Wisconsin System and the Department of Employment Relations regarding the service designation for professional positions in the University of Wisconsin System
1994 Academic Staff Policies and Procedures, University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison ASPP) adopted by the Academic Staff Assembly


Year WI Governor UW System President UW Madison Chancellor Significant Milestones
1995 Tommy G. Thompson (R)
1997 School, Colleges, and Division Committees on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) adopted by the Academic Staff Assembly
1998 UW System Board of Regents 21st Century Study in the UW System
1999 Rec 3: Consider revising category B titles to reflect national titling trends so the UW System instructional and research titles might be better understood for grant applications, in the national job market, and for other academic purposes
2000 Academic Staff Assembly passes legislation to create “Instructional Professor” and “Research Professor” title series for academic staff members who are independently engaged in instruction or research and hold terminal degrees
2001 Scott McCallum (R) John D. Wiley
2003 James E. Doyle (D)
2004 Kevin P. Reilly
2008 Carolyn “Biddy” Martin Collective Bargaining enabling legislation for UW System faculty and academic staff considered in the 2007-2008 Biennial budget and as separate legislation (not approved)
2011 Scott Walker (R) David Ward Collective Bargaining enabling legislation for UW System faculty and academic staff enacted into law in the 2009-2010 Biennial budget
2013 Rebecca Blank
2014 Ray Cross JCOER approved HR Design
2018 Tony Evers
2020 Tommy Thompson, interim