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The University of Wisconsin has a proud tradition of shared governance. Since 1848, faculty and students have worked hand-in-hand to shape and implement the administrative policy that guides the academic experience. What has emerged and continues to evolve is a partnership that uniquely defines our institutional mission as a land-grant university with service to the public and the needs of the state.

Academic Staff Governance History

Dating back to 1973, academic staff have a long history of being involved with shared governance.

Academic Staff Governance Timeline

Originally prepared by a former ASEC chair and ASPRO president, this timeline lays out key moments in the State, UW System, and UW-Madison's history.

History of the Office of the Secretary of the Academic Staff

The secretary of the academic staff has been supporting academic staff governance activities on campus for a long time.

Report on Shared Governance

This white paper on shared governance was compiled between 1997 and 1998 to explore the tradition of shared governance on the UW-Madison campus.

Oral Histories on Campus Governance

The Oral History Program’s collection–held at the UW Madison Archives–currently encompasses over 1,500 interviews (nearly 4,500 hours) touching on all aspects of the University’s history.

Interested in being part of history?

Shared governance at UW-Madison provides academic staff, university staff, faculty, and students with the opportunity to help make significant decisions concerning the operation of the university through over 40 distinct committees which span a variety of interests.

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