Academic Staff Art Gallery

by chatmandesign

The Office of the Secretary of the Academic Staff launched The Academic Staff Art Gallery in the 2010 in 270 Bascom. It is a place to showcase talented artists from within Academic Staff. Exhibits change on a semester by semester basis.

This semester’s featured artist: Patrick Kuhl. Patrick is a Computer Support Specialist in the Department of Geoscience.

To Wander a City: The Art of Patrick Kuhl

Artist’s Statement

“To Wander a City” is a series of photos I took in Madison between 2016 and 2018, on film and digital cameras. I enjoy shooting on the street when the sun is shining brightly, so these shots are high in contrast and all have at least one person in them. My goal with this series is to show how the people of Madison live and move through the light and shadows of this beautiful city.

This is my first public photography exhibit. I am thankful for the opportunity that the Office of the Secretary of the Academic Staff provides for academic staff artists.


I am a self-taught photographer. My higher education at UW-Stevens Point focused on computing. Upon entering the real world and having more personal free time, I developed an interest in photography. After a trip to Korea and realizing that I enjoyed taking photos that were more creative than I used to take, I began considering a better camera purchase. When my wife and I started dating in 2011, she bought me my first DSLR, and my love of photography grew exponentially from there. Since then I have grown to love film photography as well, sometimes developing my own black and white photos, or converting color photos shot with expired film to black and white. I enjoy street photography the most, but I also enjoy landscape photography when travelling.

Opening Reception Poster

More about the Gallery:

Past Academic Staff Art Galleries

The room provides a forum to display 2-D artwork created  by UW-Madison academic staff.  The Office has 3 walls at 270 Bascom Hall that have been prepared to display framed, ready to hang 2-d art works.  Artwork will be on display either the fall or spring semester and will be given recognition through various campus publications.  If you would like to have your work considered for exhibition in the Office of the Secretary of the Academic Staff please contact the Office Secretary of the Academic Staff office at with the following information:

  • Your contact information (indicate your academic staff position on campus)
  • A short artistic statement describing your art and creative concerns
  • A works list
  • Four to ten images of your work