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ASPP & Other Policies

Wisconsin Statutes 36.09(4m) Academic staff
The academic staff members of each institution, subject to the responsibilities and powers of the board, the president and the chancellor and faculty of the institution, shall be active participants in the immediate governance of and policy development for the institution. The academic staff members have the primary responsibility for the formulation and review, and shall be represented in the development, of all policies and procedures concerning academic staff members, including academic staff personnel matters. The academic staff members of each institution shall have the right to organize themselves in a manner they determine and to select their representatives to participate in institutional governance.   


Academic Staff Policies & Procedures (ASPP)

Full ASPP (pdf) (Revisions effective - 03/16/2011)

Individual chapters in PDF:

1 Coverage and Definitions 

2 Academic Staff Appointments

3 Nonrenewal of Fixed-Term Renewable Apppointments

4 Nonretention of Employees Holding Probationary Appointments

5 Layoff for Reasons of Budget or Program Decision 

6 Discipline and Dismissal 

7 Employment Problems: Informal Resolution and Grievance Procedures

8 Complaints Against Academic Staff Members

9 Academic Staff Appeals Committee

10 Performance Reviews

11 The Personnel File

12 Outside Activities and Conflicts of Interest

13 University Academic Staff Assembly

14 Committees of the University

15 Academic Freedom


Assembly Documents

Academic Staff Handbook

How to be a good Assembly representative 

Indefinite Appointment


Distinguished Prefix

Definition and Guidelines 

Other campus policies

Classified Policies and Procedures
Unclassified Policies and Procedures
Faculty Policies and Procedures (FPP)
UW System Administration Policy and Procedures
Emeritus status
Annual Leave Reserve Account (ALRA) upon termination
Academic Staff Disability Accommodation Policy 1-5-05 


Chancellor's Governance Participation Letter
CEBC White Paper on Academic Staff "Sabbaticals" 08
Workplace Issues Report, 1999
Alphabet Soup Decoder Ring, 2001
CASI legislation, 1998
Shared Governance: You Can Participate
New Rep sample messages
How to be a good Assembly representative
Administering Your District Email List