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HR Design Information-

The Academic Staff Assembly Resolution on the UW-Madison Human Resourse Design Strategic Plan

White Paper on HR Design Strategic Plan for UW-Madison

Authored by Ad Hoc Committee on HR Design, Academic Staff Assembly Members

  • Bob Ash, Communications Committee
  • Heather Daniels, ASEC
  • Brian Deith, Districting and Representation Committee
  • Margaret Harrigan, Ad Hoc Committee on Budget Issues, Policies and Strategies
  • Jeanne Hendricks, Personnel Policies and Procedures Committee
  • Jason Jankoski, Compensation and Economic Benefits Committee
  • Scott Mellor, Professional Development and Recognition Committee
  • Robert Newsom, ASEC
  • Brenda Spychalla, Mentoring Committee
  • Sheila Stoeckel, Nominating Committee

Adopted by ASEC on November 1, 2012


The HR Design Project is a campus-wide effort to build a new more effective UW-Madison personnel system (see Much of the initial work for this project was accomplished by work teams that issued reports on specific areas of HR Design. The academic staff were represented in this process by academic staff members who served on the work teams. The work teams issued draft reports to which the Academic Staff Executive Committee (ASEC) made recommendations before the final reports were issued (recommendations are linked below). Academic staff also had opportunities to provide feedback to the work teams during the process at the Academic Staff Assembly, at the Academic Staff Institute, and at campus-wide engagement sessions.

As the Office of Human Resources' HR Project Team reviewed the work team final reports they collected feedback from various stakeholders including ASEC and the HR Design Advisory Committee (academic staff have one seat on this committee). ASEC reviewed the recommendations that emerged from all of the work teams and the HR Project Team and has also responded to sets of questions posed by the HR Project Team to ASEC regarding specific recommendations that are being considered for the final HR Design.

ASEC's responses include sets of formal advisory motions on specific issues. These advisory motions were provided directly to the Chancellor, Provost, and Vice Chancellor for Administration - the Executive Sponsors for the project – as well as to the HR Design Advisory Committee and HR Design Project Team. A draft of the campus HR Design Proposal will be issued by the HR Project Team to campus after consultation with the Executive Sponsors in mid-September. The Academic Staff Assembly will then prepare a formal response to the HR Design Proposal.

HR Design Phase One work teams draft recommendations - ASEC response
HR Design Phase Two work teams draft recommendations - ASEC response
Advisory Motion Regarding Transition and Succession and Performance Management*
Advisory Motion Regarding Job Titles and Compensation*
Advisory Motion Regarding Competencies*
Advisory Motion Regarding Recruitment*

*NOTE: The advisory motions were made at the request of and in response to specific questions presented to ASEC by the HR Design Project Team Employment & Benefits


"Academic staff includes professional and administrative personnel (other than faculty, classified staff, limited staff, student appointees, or employees-in-training) with duties and appointments primarily associated with higher education institutions or their administration, Academic Staff Policies and Procedures. Academic staff positions are exempt from the classified service and subject to personnel rules defined in s. UWS 8-14, Wis. Adm. Code."

See full definition of Academic Staff at Office of Human Resources (OHR)

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